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Electrohydrodynamic Inkjet Printing

Electrohydrodynamic Inkjet Printing
Patrick Galliker

Co-founder and CEO


Electrohydrodynamic Inkjet Printing

In this masterclass, there is a quick comparison between EHD and inkjet, on a very basic level. Afterwards, Dr Galliker will explain in more detail the physics behind the EHD process and about some characteristic variables that influence the process and which should be controlled properly. He will also present some results on how the proper control of these mechanisms can result in the highly efficient printing of 3D structures. Finally, he will make an outlook into the commercialisation of the technology by showcasing the basic concept of Scrona's printheads and give some examples of applications where their technology could have an influence.

This video is a first 5 minutes sample. Visit our platform for the full version.

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