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A Foundry in a Box: High-throughput Additive Manufacturing of Nano and Microelectronics

and Advanced Packaging for Heterogenous Integration

Speaker: Ahmed Busnaina | Company: Nano OPS | Date: 12-13 October 2022 | Full Presentation

Current electronic manufacturing processes have high operating and capital costs. These conventional processes consist of a complex series of steps using hundreds of high-energy deposition steps consuming massive amounts of electricity and water. A new scalable and sustainable technique for additively manufacture nano and microelectronics has been developed. The technique eliminates high-energy, chemically intense processing by utilizing direct assembly of nanoscale particles or other nanomaterials at ambient temperature and pressure onto a substrate, to precisely where the structures are built. Although, many of the nanomaterials-based electronics transistors were made using organic materials and/or nanomaterials that do not need to be sintered such as carbon nanotubes and 2D materials, however, to have a commercial impact, traditional semiconductors nanomaterials such as silicon and III-V and II-VI semiconductors, metals and dielectrics need to be printed to produce high performance electronics. In this presentation we show how this technology can print single crystal structures and make transistors using a purely additive (directed assembly enabled) with no etching or vacuum using inorganic semiconductors, metals and dielectrics. The process demonstrates the manufacturing of transistors with an on/off ratio greater than 106. This new technology will enable the fabrication of nanoelectronics while reducing the cost by 10-100 times and can print 1000 faster and 1000 smaller (down to 20nm) structures than inkjet-based printing. Moreover, the nanoscale printing platform enables the heterogeneous integration of interconnected circuit layers (like CMOS) of printed electronics and active and passive components on rigid or flexible substrates. Printed applications such as transistors, inverters, diodes, logic gates, display at the micro and nanoscale using inorganic and organic materials will be presented.

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