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Become a TechBlick speaker on MicroLEDs, QDs, and/or AR/VR/MR Displays?

TechBlick is launching a series of world-class online events on AR/VR/XR Vision Systems, MicroLEDs, and Quantum Dots. We are now curating the agenda for these events and would like to invite you to become a TechBlick speaker! TechBlick has 1600 global members. To give you a sense of our events, you can explore the agenda for our 2022 microLED event here. You can also explore all TechBlick speakers here to give a sense of the high calibre of our events.

If you wish to present at any of the following events then please fill out this form

1) AR, VR, and MR Vision Systems: Innovations, Promising Start-Ups, Future Roadmap (26-27 July 2023). You can learn more here

2) Mini- & Micro-LED Displays: Markets, Manufacturing Innovations, Applications, Promising Start-ups (29-NOV to 1 DEC 2023). You can learn more info here

3) Quantum Dots: Material Innovations and Commercial Applications (29-NOV to 1 DEC 2023)

You can learn more info here


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