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Connecting surfaces of the smart building to the cloud with sensors enabled

through printed electronics.

Speaker: Aad van der Spuij | Company: Henkel | Date: 12-13 October 2022 | Full Presentation

Step into smart buildings of the future and you might not see a difference. Combining the scalability of coatings and building materials contemporary sensing techniques opens-up an incredible range of possibilities for predictive, preventative, and responsive maintenance. For Henkel, a global leader in specialized and cross-functional ink formulations for printed electronics, and Laiier a smart surface technology provider, the next decade will see the rise of smart buildings that integrate new capabilities into the built environment. Whether it’s office facilities that warn of leaking pipes, walls that heat our rooms, or floors that tell us when an elderly relative has suffered a fall, many of the core technologies are already here. Today, the challenge besides the technology innovation is more about building networks and creating markets.

The presentation will cover the unique ecosystem required to bring this vision to life that includes the whole value chain from construction, materials, manufacturing industry to IoT integrators. The session will take the attendees through technical explanations and customer use cases demonstrating clear ROIs and customer insights.

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