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Development of a Novel Thermoset Stretchable Film for Printed Electronics.

Speaker: Tsuyoshi Takeda | Company: Panasonic | Date: 12-13 October 2022 | Full Presentation

Panasonic Industry Co Ltd., Electronic Materials Division, a leading company in the electronics field, has developed a new high-performance film designed as substrate for FHE/PE applications. Featuring unmatched heat resistance, these stretchable films are based on a proprietary, non-silicone polymer system, freeing designers, and manufacturers from the constraints of conventional thermoplastic films like TPU and PET.

(i) Applicable to high-temperature processes: With a temperature resistance of greater than 260℃, these films withstand elevated drying temperatures for inks, coatings, and sintered materials. Even works well with typical SAC reflow processes.

(ii) High printability: It has excellent adhesion performance with a wide range of conductive materials.

(iii) Excellent reliability: The product exhibits a good durability in evaluations such as high temp/humidity tests, temperature shock tests, and insulation reliability tests.

This presentation will provide details of the substrate technology, test results, and use-case demonstration parts manufactured with these materials.

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