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3D and Conformal Printed Electronics in Electronics Packaging

Heterogeneous Integration, AI Chips, 5G Packaging, Chiplets, High Density Fan-Out Packages, Scaling, Future of Semiconductors

3D and Conformal Printed Electronics have many existing and emerging applications in Electronic Packaging. In the talk you will learn about the different techniques that one can deploy in 3D and conformal printed electronics.

Furthermore, you will learn about different applications ranging from antenna printing to medical devices to conformal as well as area-selective package-level EMI shielding to wire-bond replacement especially for ultra-high frequency packages to heat management in stacked die packages or high-power semiconductor packaging to prototyping of redistribution layers.

Finally, you will also hear about emerging digital ultraprecise printing. Here, we exclude exciting approaches as wafer printing. To learn about wafer printing visit the Nano-ops talk at the Techblick platform or read a future newsletter.

3D & Conformal Printed Electronics in Electronic Packaging

World-Class Symposium on Electronic Packaging

TechBlick is delighted to bring you a world-class symposium covering cutting-edge innovations in electronic packaging. This symposium was originally organized by the Integrated Electronics Engineering Center (IEEC) of Binghamton University.

The symposium can now be accessed with a TechBlick Annual Pass granting you access to all online Techblick events for 12 months, access to TechBlick ever expanding portfolio of industry-led masterclasses, and access to TechBlick Netflix-like library of state-of-the-art presentations.

if you are not a member, sign up here until 4 November 2021 to save 100 Euros, making the pass just 500 Euros per year (apply code Save100Euros at check-out). Alternatively, you can also set up a monthly payment of € 50 per month with a minimum contract period of 6 months. To do this, email

*original attendees of the symposium can retain their access. Please contact the organizers for your access details.

What is included in an Annual Pass:

The Annual Pass is € 600 per year. However, until 4 November, you can save € 100, making it € 500 per year. To benefit from the discount, use the following code at registration: Save100Euros. In additional, you request a monthly payment plan of € 50 per month with a minimum commitment period of 6 months. To request this, email

(1) Access to all the past & future events:

PAST EVENTS MARCH 21: Printed, Flexible, Hybrid, & InMold Electronics APRIL 21: Graphene & 2D Materials: End Users,Applications, Major Producers &Start Ups MAY 21: Quantum Dots: Material Innovations, Commercial Applications MAY 21: Printed, Hybrid, Structural, & 3D Electronics JULY 21: Displays & Lighting: Innovations & Market Trends OCT 21: Wearables Sensors & Continuous Vital Signs Monitoring OCT 21: Electronic Textiles & Skin Patches: Hardware & Software OCT 21: Printed & Flexible Sensors & Actuators

Upcoming Events 2021 4-5 Nov (on-demand): Electronics Packaging Symposium: AI Chips, 5G Packaging, Chiplets. Heterogeneous Integration, High Density Fan-Out Packages, Scaling, Future of Semiconductors 1 - 2 DEC (LIVE online): Future of Photovoltaics: Organic, Perovskites, CIGS, Hybrid

Upcoming Events 2022 9-10 Feb 2022 (LIVE online): Solid-State Batteries: Innovations, Promising Start-ups, Future Roadmap 9-10 Feb 2022 (LIVE online): Battery Materials: Next-Gen & Beyond Lithium Ion March 2022(LIVE online): Material Informatics March 2022(LIVE online): Printed, Hybrid, InMold Electronics April: Graphene, CNTs and 2D Materials (past agenda; future agenda TBA) Q2/Q3 2022: Quantum Dots (past agenda; future agenda TBA) Q2/Q3 2022: Micro- and mini-LEDs (past agenda; future agenda TBA) Q2/Q3 2022: 5G/6G Materials

(2) Netflix-like library of on-demand content

You have access to all the presentations from our past events. Currently there are over 200 on-demand (and growing) presentations from leading global organisations.

(3) Masterclasses

You will have access to our ever-growing library of industry-led masterclasses, blending theory with practice. The currently-announced programme includes.


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