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Henkel | Accelerating Innovation with Henkel’s PTC Ink Solutions

Thibaut Soulestin | Application Engineer EIMEA

Henkel Adhesive Technologies has developed a large material portfolio of conductive inks and coatings suitable for printed electronics technology. Today, a global, cross-functional Printed Electronics Team manages the development of printed electronics applications with a cross-industry focus on market trends driven by digital transformation, building on more than four decades of market and material formulation expertise with strong partners that enable scalable solutions. Our functional ink and coatings portfolio is ideal for producing the next generation of flexible sensor solutions by accelerating the go-to-market of smart, seamlessly connected & data-generating product innovations. Within our portfolio, we offer material solutions suitable for various smart surface technologies, including PTC heaters. Self-regulating PTC heaters are enabled by Henkel’s Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) inks in combination with silver and dielectric inks and coatings. Compared to standard applications where the incorporation of cables and wires requires a substantial manufacturing effort, Henkel inks and functional coatings enable the production of self-regulated heaters with uniform surface heating that add value beneath the surface. The presentation will focus on Henkel’s PTC ink range and methodology to expedite technology development within smart printed surface technologies. With Henkel’s technical support and decades of expertise, you will be able to accelerate your innovation developments and unlock the full potential of this solution.


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