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Heraeus Nexensos Launches Pilot Production of the microRTD Temperature Sensor

Miniaturized electronics, minute sample volumes in lab equipment, small footprint batteries, and a multitude of other applications have one thing in common: The need for miniaturization and component flexibility. Whether employed as a reference sensor for precise ambient temperature measurement, or for temperature monitoring of critical components – the tiny sensor ‘microRTD’ developed by Heraeus Nexensos fulfills the need for a tiny, flexible temperature sensor. Thanks to a well-focused development effort, the sensor is ready for the transition to pilot plant production.

The microRTD—the Right Temperature Sensor for Applications Requiring Ultrasmall, Ultra-Thin, and Flexibility

With a footprint of just 0.6mm x 0.3 mm and a low profile of 50 microns, the microRTD can be employed in applications that require temperature control on localized hot spots or require a reference sensor that contributes to the overall small system layout. As a result of the low profile and innovative production technology, the bendable microRTD sensor is capable of conformal contact to curved or flexible surfaces, resulting in fast and precise temperature detection. The operating temperature window is -40 to +140 °C.

Miniaturization Combined with Precision – Ready for Pilot Evaluation by Our Customers

In close cooperation with a strategic partner, Nexensos channeled decades of sensor expertise into the development of the miniaturized temperature sensor. In the next phase, a large-scale production facility will be constructed, ready to serve our customer’s needs. With this next exciting stage, Nexensos ensures that the required production capabilities will be in place to fill our customers’ requirements for this innovative sensor.

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