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Hybrid Electronics Integration – A Bridge Between Packaging and Systems

Janos Veres

Director & VP of Engineering

NextFlex, together with its extended ecosystem network, has been exploring the potential for novel electronics packaging and integration on a system level. This includes electronics integration in wearables, textiles, medical, and high-density integration of RF circuitry, all the way to integration of antennas on the skins of aerial vehicles. Such high-level integration is enabled by the combination of thinned bare die, additive manufacturing, printing, robotics, laser imaging, novel materials and plastics technologies. NextFlex established a unique Technology Hub with a diverse set of tools and know-how to support the needs of government and industry partners. This presentation will discuss system-level integration and packaging implementations with examples of wearables, safety devices and industrial monitoring, as well as very large scale integration on airframes. The talk will address design methodology and the manufacturing process flow used on the devices including additive printing, assembly, test, and final encapsulation. Hybrid electronics is an exciting trajectory for future electronics, enabling new shapes and form factors.


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