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Industrial-scale CVD graphene line is commissioned and ready for business!

USA has completed the commercial launch of its GEN3.0 CVD Graphene manufacturing line and a portfolio of application-specific CVD products. This 20m long state-of-the-art production facility, has the capability to produce single and multi-layer graphene in large sheets or long rolls, up to 400mm wide. Programmable in both scale and size, polycrystalline and large scale, preferred copper orientation graphene sheets can be manufactured on this production line.

Using patented processes, General Graphene focuses on providing low-cost, large sheet, CVD graphene. The latest GEN 3.0 state-of-the-art production line delivers more than 100,000 m2/yr. sheet graphene; a 1000-fold increase in production compared with the previous GEN 2.0 machine, and with advanced levels of control and precision.

GEN 3.0 technology is scalable and enables General Graphene to supply affordable, highly consistent CVD graphene in industrial volumes. This capability is a game-changer. Now the industry can accelerate the development of advanced products and devices with confidence in supply and consistency of performance. With a thickness of just 0.345nm, CVD graphene provides a flexible, biocompatible, transparent, and conductive ultra-thin film barrier, opening new design options for researchers and industrial engineers. General Graphene is currently partnering with industrial leaders in the electronics, sensors, life sciences, industrial metals, and packaging markets, to unlock the potential that these ultra-thin, 2-D carbon crystal sheets provide. These partnerships are critical and will drive this technology to higher levels of industrialization and cost reduction.

Speaking from the headquarters in Knoxville TN, USA. CEO, Vig Sherrill commented “We always believed that the industrialization of CVD graphene technology was mostly an engineering problem. To increase volume and reduce cost, this had to be solved using a continuous roll-to-roll process, rather than a traditional batch process. For the past 6 years, we have focused exclusively on this challenge and are pleased to announce our latest GEN 3.0 production system has completed commissioning and is online. As our technology evolves and costs continue to fall, advanced, CVD graphene-enabled products are primed to emerge across many industries”.


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