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Northeastern University | Towards High-Performance Printed Electronics and Circuits

Ravinder Dahiya | Professor,President,Fellow, Leader

The miniaturization-based advances in electronics have revolutionized computing and communication. through high-performance planar electronics. However, electronics on planar and stiff substrates does not go well with several emerging applications (e.g., robots, wearables and vehicles, digital health etc.). These applications require electronics with high-performance (similar to the conventional silicon technology-based devices), flexible form-factors, and devices embedded in soft and squishy materials. The need for resource efficient manufacturing has also added new challenges to this field. This lecture will present some of the key technologies that are being explored to attain above features and their readiness for commercialisation. In particular, the talk will focus on high-mobility semiconducting nanostructures-based printed CMOS electronics. The methods for printing nano to cm scale structures (e.g., transfer printing, contact printing and direct-roll transfer printing etc.) will be presented along with the devices developed using them and future directions.


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