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Redefining Coatings in Electronic Packaging: Turnkey Digital Production Process for Selective Metal

Speaker: Franz Vollman

Company: Heraeus

Lets reshape the future of Selective Metallic Coatings. Inkjet printing of 2.5D selective coatings becomes reality with our novel solution consisting of a special particle-free silver ink, an industrial hi-tech printer for mass production and a manufacturing process that translates any standard CAD format of a coating drawing into accurate selectively coated components. Our system adds a new dimension to package design, empowering package designers to create varied pattern layouts efficiently. Customized thin metallization films are possible in the range of 150 nm to 3 μm with a conductivity of 20-50% of bulk silver.

The equipment fulfills the standards of the semiconductor industry, and its mass production capability is proven. This additive manufacturing method is especially suited for EMI shielding of semiconductor packages to secure signal integrity in 5G applications. Digital printing via inkjet enhances the design freedom thanks to maskless selective coating of package topsides, sidewalls (e.g. with stand-off), as well as trenches for compartmental shielding. Shielding effectiveness studies run at a specialized renowned institute confirm that the applied silver film with 2 μm thickness, which is inkjet-coated at the ideal, material saving aspect ratio of 1:1 (side wall to top side), provides excellent shielding performance.

The maskless selective and precise deposition of the silver ink onto specific areas of the components avoids excess material and minimizes waste. No wet chemical processes are required, making this process environmentally friendly. With a factor 10 lower power consumption compared to sputtering, it has a much better CO2 balance, too.



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