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Reinventing the Wheel? Printing (R)Evolution For A Luxury Brand

Speaker: Rafael Michalczuk | Company: SWAROVSKI| Date: 10-11 March 2021 | Full Presentation

Swarovski is innovating since decades in the additive manufacturing domain and printing technologies form an important puzzle piece in the manufacturing processes. But is it now time to reinvent Gutenberg´s invention? As proof-of-concept Swarovski will showcase in the talk different innovations – ranging from additive manufacturing in jewelry, 3D glass printing to 2D/3D printed electronics applications and nano-imprint lithography in various application areas for the luxury brand.

Rafael Michalczuk

Senior Technology & Funding Manager @ SWAROVSKI


Rafael Michalczuk, Senior Technology & Funding Manager at Swarovski, is supporting research, development and innovation projects within interdisciplinary and cross-functional teams at Swarovski, especially with key enabling technologies involved (e.g. additive manufacturing, printed electronics, artificial intelligence, robotics). Additionally he is founder of the innovation & funding consulting agency InnoPotentials. In this capacity he serves a broad portfolio of clients (from startups, SMEs to large companies and R&D institutions) to develop innovative business ideas, secure funding and support the overall innovation journey of the customers.

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