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Simple Fluidic Self Assembly (FSA) Mass Transfer for Low Cost MicroLED Displays | eLux

MicroLED are the ultimate display technology, but the grand challenge of mass transfer at low cost and high yield with variable pixel pitch and no mura effect remains an important theme. On 29-30 NOV 2023, JJ Lee from eLux, Inc. will present at on their novel simple fluidic self-assembly (FAS) mass transfer process, which positions each µLED by capture of the device in a well structure that also contains the connecting electrodes. This process uses gravity to trap µLED

✅ Simple µLED and substrate structures, recyclable µLED after FSA, and extremely simple and scalable FSA tools.

✅ Handle µLEDs sized from 5 to 200 µm offering flexibility to make a wide variety of displays with resolutions from 400 to 10 ppi or larger.

✅ Assembly speed as high as tens of millions µLEDs per hour on large panels.

✅ µLED emitter area to µLED size ratio adjustable

✅ Fluidic assembly applies relatively low force on the device so brittle materials such as red µLEDs fabricated from AlGaInP can be assembled in the same way as blue and green emitting GaN µLEDs.

Slide [1] shows the progress from LED wafer to uLED array, offering also information on eutectic bonding of TFTs and uLEDs as well as on yield, de-trap, orientation control parameters

Slide [2] shows how select harvest of known-good dies as well as randomization in the ink ensure that FAS has low defectivity and no stamp mura. The mura from pick-and-place solution is very clear, resulting from wavelength and luminance difference between stamps.

In this presentation, µLED structure, the FSA mechanism and selective harvest will be introduced. A comparison between FSA and other mass transfer technologies clearly validate FSA’s advantages. Finally, we will also compare eLux FSA with other recently published FSA technologies.

Slide [4] shows a benchmarking table, comparing in detail FSA on TFT glass and FSA on carrier vs PnP and laser transfer. It suggests that the ability to handle known-good dies, avoid mura, achieve self alignment with a simple etc are amongst key advantages

Join us on 29-30 NOV 2024 at MicroLED Connect to hear the latest from innovative players in microLEDs and quantum dots from around the world. The speakers include VueReal, Toray Engineering, eLux, Lextar, GE Research, Mikro Mesa, Q-Pixel, Delo, Mojo, Yole and many others

Explore the full agenda here

MicroLED Connect is a joint offering by TechBlick and MicroLED-Info, offering the first-ever MicroLED focused series of onsite and online conferences and exhibition.


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