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Stretchable Microchip-Integrated Electronics Based on Liquid Metal

Speaker: Mahmoud Tavakoli | Company: University of Coimbra | Date: 24-Jun-22 | Full Presentation

Stretchable electronics have many applications in wearable technology, and health monitoring. But to find their way out of the labratories, fundamental problems had to be solved. In this presentation, I´ll explain how we addressed t hese problems, and how this enables us to move toward scalable fabrication of 3R electronics that are Resilient, Repirable and Recylable. Taking advantage of our novel liquid metal composites, and innovative chip integration processes, i explain direct digital printing of liquid metal based stretchable circuits, and demonstrate examples of microchip integrated soft-matter electronics with record-breaking maximum strain value of >1000% strain. As the whole process is perfomed at the room temperature (even the soldering), 3R electroncis pave an importatn step toward green manufacturing, and sustinable development in electronics.

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