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The first OLED fashion application

Inuru announced the first use of its OLED solutions in a Hoodie made for LOOK LABS, a digital luxury brand based in Düsseldorf.

Comfy420 Metalight™ Hoodie (NFT+Physical)

LOOK LAB has recently launched a game called 420. As usual, gamers are able to buy in-game items to improve their gaming experience. with special utility and purpose in the game. Those items are very limited and give an advantage to whoever owns them.

The light effect comes from Inuru's free-form OLED. These are powered with integrated thin-film batteries that can be recharged wirelessly. The hole technology is integrated into a thin and light-weight film, that is so robust that it can be washed as any other fashion product.

Inuru OLED solutions are washable and easy to integrate in fashion

With the launch of the Hoodie Inuru announces another milestone in its company history. After having products in packaging before, the Inuru Laboratories in Berlin Adlershof has developed electronics solutions that can be easily integrated into fashion.

"Our latest solution can be applied easily on any type of fashion product with standard manufacturing processes and is, of course, washable," says Matti Prasdorf lead product engineer behind the fashion application at the Inuru Laboratories in Berlin-Adlershof.

The processes have been tested within multiple projects with major fashion and apparel brands. Inuru solutions have been successfully integrated at the typical fashion production sites across the globe without any further investment for the manufacturer.

"With the latest achievement, we have once again expanded the application range and market for our technology. With that, we continue our strategy to bring OLED everywhere ." Marcin Ratajczak, founder/CEO, Inuru.

In the near future, the company seeks to further expand its technology into further application, where the integration of light for user interfaces, guidance, warning, ambiance, or branding was problematic so far.

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