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The Future Of Electronics RESHAPED - Exhibition Grows By 50% Over 2022

TechBlick is excited to announce that the exhibition at their Future of Electronics RESHAPED event has grown by 50% over this event in 2022 and is sold out with 4 months to go. This year’s show takes place on 17 & 18 October at The Estrel in Berlin and looks to reshape the future of electronics. 78 leading global organisations will be exhibiting and attendees will experience the latest technologies and products - see

This premier conference and exhibition looks to re-shape the future of electronics focusing on the key topics of printed, flexible, sustainable, additive, hybrid, wearable, textile, 3D, structural and in-mold electronics. This unmissable event will attract a global audience from innovators and material suppliers to equipment makers, manufacturers and a large number of end users.

The world-class agenda too has been announced and confirmed speakers include: META, Volvo, Signify, GE Healthcare, Williot, Panasonic, Airbus, BEKO, Space Foundry, LIFE Group, Cicor, Raynergy Tek and many more. In total over 60 speakers will present over the 2 days and an agenda can be seen below.

Agenda 1 - 17 October

Keynote Presentations

09.05AM • TechBlick • Welcome & Introduction

09.10AM • Meta • Additive Manufacturing for Future High Volume Manufacturing of Electronic Devices

09.30AM • Volvo Cars • Evolution of lighting in automotive interiors: how will the future look*

09.50AM • Signify • Additive manufacturing & lighting: status, future and challenges*

10:10AM InkSpace Imaging • Flexible printed arrays and their use in wearable medical devices and MRI imaging*

10.40AM • Beko • Can additive electronics help in the white goods industry*

10.40AM • Exhibition Networking Event

Track 1

11.30AM • Wiliot • Ambient IoT – Scaling from billions to trillions, saving supply chains and the planet

11.50AM • Smooth & Sharp • Functional Layer – A Comparison with same Printed Circuit Pattern on Different Polyester Film before and after 3D Thermoforming

12.10PM • SODAQ • Sustainable Transportation Solutions: Exploring the Benefits of Smart Labels and Low Power Technologies

12.30PM • TracXon • Opening up new business models in Printed Electronics by leveraging advancements in roll-to-roll manufacturing

12.50PM • SMART Industry Consortium/Purdue University • Smart devices for digital agriculture, food, healthcare and infrastructure

1.10PM • Lunch & Exhibition

2.50PM • FUJI Corporation • Innovation in electronics by integration of additive manufacturing and SMT

3.10PM • NanoPrintek • A Dry Multimaterial Printing Technology

3.30PM • Space Foundary • Precision digital plasma deposition: deposit multilayer structure without curing *

3.50PM • Syenta • Electrochemical Printing of Multi-Material Electronics *

Track 2

11.30AM • GE Healthcare • Skin electrode adhesive performance testing

11.50AM • Epicore Biosystems • Wearable Devices for Sweat and Hydration Monitoring

12.10PM • Quad Industries • Printed Electronics – a true booster for innovation in Wearables

12.30PM • Neurosoft Bioelectronics SA • Soft Implantable Electrodes to Interface with the Brain a Gateway to BCI

12.50PM • Information Mediary • Real World Smart Packaging For Pharmaceuticals*

1.10PM • Lunch & Exhibition

2.50PM • Soplast • Towards manufacturing of 3D automotive parts with integrated electronics using stretchable liquid metals*

3.10PM • PolyIC/Kurz • Smart HMI Surfaces With Inmolded Touch Sensors & Decoration*

3.30PM • BeLink Solutions • The exciting journey from electronics manufacturing to printed electronics manufacturing

3.50PM • Panacol • The way to smarter light-curable barrier sealants for flexible OPV R2R production

4.10PM • Exhibition Networking Event

Closing Presentations

4.45PM • Voltera• A Tool for Every Additive Electronics Project

5.05PM • Panasonic Industry • Ultra-Pliable Circuit Board Technology

5:35 PM • Exhibition Networking Event

Agenda - 18 October

Track 1

09.00AM • TBC • TBC*

09.20AM • VTT • Towards roll-to-roll manufacturing of green wearable electronics

09.40AM • TNO at Holst • Laser-Assisted High-throughput microLED Integration

10.00AM • Danish Technological Institute • Sustainable materials and processes for printed electronics

10.20AM • Yamagata University • Flexible Printed Carbon-based Sensors and Their Applications

10.40AM • Exhibition Networking Event

11.30AM • Coatema • Upscaling OPV into production tech

11.50AM • The Warming Surfaces Company • Digitalizing heating for a sustainable future

12.10PM • Sinovia Technologies • Flexographically Printed OLED Indicator and Passive Matrix Displays

12.30PM • Inuru • Manufacturing thin printed OLED lighting: scale up and real applications*

12.50PM • SamwonAct • Metal Pattern Transferring Printing Technology

1.10PM • Lunch & Exhibition

2.50PM • Metafas • The mass production of a smart textile sock that measures stress behaviour

3.10PM • Loomia Technologies • Automotive Interior Lighting and Heating: Powered by Electronic Textiles

3.30PM • LifeSense Group • Wearable sensors and e-textiles to empower peoples health*

3.50PM • Mycronic AB • Sustainable, digital production of wearable soft-stretchable electronic devices

4.10PM • Exhibition Networking Event

Track 2


09.20AM • Heraeus • Review of industrial applications of printed electronics

09.40AM • NScript • 3D Printed Electronics is Powerful when combined with CHIPS

10.00AM • XTPL • Solution for printed micro-electronics. Next generation of resolution in additive technology

10.20AM • IoTech Group • Digital, Laser-Based, Multi-Materials, Non-Contact Printing of Low and High Viscousity Materials*

10.40AM • Exhibition Networking Event

11.30AM • ElectronInks • Metal Complex Inks for Semiconductor Packaging*

11.50AM • IDS • Ultraprecision Aerosol Deposition: Applications in 3D Printing and Packaging

12.10PM • Printed Electronics Ltd • Superinkjet: going beyond limits of inkjet*

12.30PM • Neotech AMT • Advances in 3D Printed Electronics

12.50PM • Brewer Science • Printed Water Sensors: From Design to Commercialization*

1.10PM • Lunch & Exhibition

2.50PM • Exeger • Mass Screen Printed DSSC Photovoltaics: Powering IoT Applications*

3.10PM • Solliance • TBC*

3.30PM • Imprint Energy • Ultrasafe Printed Batteries for Smart Electronics

3.50PM • Ensurge • Manufacturing Scale-Up of mAh Class Anode-less Solid-State Lithium Microbatteries

4.10PM • Exhibition Networking Event

Track 3

09.00AM • TBC • TBC*

09.20AM • Toppan • Highly bendable oxide TFT withstanding over one million bending cycles*

09.40AM • Raynergy Tek • Progress of Organic Semiconductor based NIR-SWIR Image Sensor*

10.00AM • SmartKem • Next Generation MicroLED Displays

10.20AM • Brilliant Matters • Materials Developments for Stable, Scalable and Efficient Organic Solar cells

10.40AM • Exhibition Networking Event

11.30AM • CEZAMAT, Warsaw University of Tech • From Hands-On Experience to Calculated Composites: Case Studies of Scaling Up Biomedical Wearables

11.50AM • SunRay Scientific • Multilayer Silicon RF System-in-Package Technique Using Magnetically Aligned ACEs*

12.10PM • X-trodes • Printed Electrode Arrays: Unleashing the Power of Skin Electrophysiology*

12.30PM • Rochester Institute of Technology • Printed Electronics Via On-Demand Jetting of Liquid Metal Droplets*

12.50PM • Celanese • Silver Sintering Pastes - Improved Bond Performance and Simplified Handling

1.10PM • Lunch & Exhibition

2.50PM • CONTAG AG • A versatile toolbox for innovative mechatronic systems in industrial applications

3.10PM • Cicor Group • Printed sensors using aerosol jet technology

3.30PM • MINT Soldering Solutions • An innovative method to achieve IPC compliant Inter-Metallic Compounds when soldering on printed electronics

3.50PM • Trackwise Designs • Length-unlimited multilayer flexible printed circuits

4.10PM • Exhibition Networking Event

Closing Presentations

4.55PM • Airbus • The Printed Future At Airbus

On Monday, 16 October, TechBlick are hosting 12 expert-led masterclasses, in three parallel tracks, covering themes such as:

  • 3D Printed Electronics

  • Printed Batteries

  • Ink Formulation

  • Electrohydrodynamic Printing

  • Printing HMIs

  • Sustainable Electronics

  • R2R Nanoimprint Lithography

  • Wearable Sensors

  • InMold Electronics

  • R2R Printing

  • Interconnect Technologies for FHE

In the afternoon there will be four company tours to some of the leading organisations located in Berlin, a centre of excellence for these technologies.

For further information and to discover more about the current earlybird attendee passes, please contact Chris Clare at


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