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The Swedish-founded DP Patterning company disrupts the German automotive industry

"Swedish tech company DP Patterning, which offers innovative technology for flexible circuit board production, focuses its efforts on the German automotive industry, as its innovation revolutionizes circuit board manufacturing and disrupts an industry where every gram and step towards more sustainable manufacturing counts."

"Flexible Printed Circuit Boards (FPCBs) are used in many electronic products and are globally mass-produced. They are an integral part of today’s technology and society and are used in everyday consumer appliances such as phones, wireless antennas, and to a large extent, newly produced vehicles."

"Swedish-founded DP Patterning has invented a unique mechanical process called Dry Phase Patterning technology for producing FPCBs, which is more environmentally friendly and cost-efficient than other alternatives. The technology is designed for System & Solution Providers with electronic assembly capacity and for in-house production, it is customizable and simplifies the process of production by reducing transports and lead times as well as significantly cutting costs. By bringing the production of Flexible PCBs in-house, an entire step in the traditional chain of production can be saved."

says "We’ve come up with an innovation that eliminates the traditional and hazardous chemical etching processes, typically conducted in distant countries, and replaces that with the in-house reel-to-reel process"

Staffan continues "As the demand for green-tech production increases together with an increased interest in in-house production independent of trade wars and logistic cross border-challenges, we believe that our product can truly disrupt the traditional way of how the automotive industry produces new vehicles. We’re now putting all of our efforts toward the German market, the cradle of the European automotive industry."

"The DP Patterning supports manufacturers and front-runners in the automotive, LED lighting, and RFID sectors, while continuously researching and developing green-tech system solutions to individual customer requirements."

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