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The world's first flexible TFT that withstands 1000,000 bending cycles to 1mm bending curvature

Toppan printing develops the world’s first flexible TFT to withstand million bending cycles to a one-millimeter radius of curvature.

"Flexible electronics are seen in foldable smartphones and their application is anticipated for wearable sensors, medical devices, smart packaging, and more. Organic TFTs are lightweight and flexible, but disadvantages include low carrier mobility, reliability, and durability. Inorganic TFTs provide high carrier mobility and have an established mass production process, but flexibility needs improvement. There is consequently the demand for new TFTs combining outstanding carrier mobility, flexibility, and durability."

"Toppan, a global leader in communication, security, packaging, décor materials, and electronics solutions, has developed a flexible thin-film transistor (TFT) with an unprecedented combination of flexibility, durability, and carrier mobility. The new TFT withstands a million bending cycles to a 1 mm radius of curvature and demonstrates advantages for practical application, such as an on/off current ratio of at least 10^7 with carrier mobility of 10cm^2/Vs or more."

"Leveraging unique technologies and a new structure, Toppan has created the world’s first TFT with the flexibility to be wound around a mechanical pencil lead, the durability of a flexible printed circuit board, and carrier mobility exceeding 10 times that of amorphous silicon TFTs. Flex testing shows no variation in carrier mobility and other properties before and after a million bending cycles to a 1 mm radius of curvature. Toppan aims to advance manufacturing technology, enhance flexibility, durability, and carrier mobility, and target the development of flexible sensors."

"We have achieved unprecedented flexibility and durability by combining existing TFT technologies,” said Manabu Ito, development manager at Toppan. “This breakthrough raises the potential for ultra-thin, unbreakable flexible sheet sensors and stretchable devices in the future.”

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