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Towards Integrated CMOS+GaN microDisplays fabricated at wafer scale

Future of MicroLEDs: wafer level integration combining III-V devices with CMOS transistors to achieve truly monolithic microdisplay? Daniel Lepkowski and Kenneth Lee from nsc (New Silicon Corp) will join on 29-30 NOV 2023 to explain how they are enabling and progressing technology.

Slide [2] shows the approach to front-end heterogeneous integration enabling wafer-scale CMOS+GaN LED systems. First the circuit is designed using CMOS EDA tools running a custom nsc PDK that allows designers to layout, simulate, and iterate CMOS + LED circuits like never before.

Then during the tapeout phase, the CMOS front end is produced using a properly suited 200 mm CMOS process at one of many established CMOS foundries. This front-end CMOS wafer is then integrated with an as-grown GaN-on-Si wafer using a proprietary double layer transfer technique. The wafer is then returned to the foundry where LED devices are fabricated and interconnected with CMOS devices using standard CMOS back-end processes. This enables higher interconnect densities and greater manufacturability than is possible using traditional hybrid bonding schemes.

Slide [3] shows how they have achieved this on a 200 mm silicon manufacturing line. The device cross section shows how the heterogeneous integration of CMOS and GaN-on-Si looks like on a 200mm Si wafer.

Slide [4] also shows how this integration technique can increase reliability, yield and design freedom of packaging and bonding schemes. In the traditional approach, each LED is bonded to a Si chip. In the new approach (PixelatedLightEngine™ technology), system level integration allows increasing the density of interconnects and shifts the questions of reliability and yield to silicon manufacturing lines. This is an important advance

Slide [5] shows how they enable rapid technology development through expertise in all aspects of the CMOS technology development pathway including: PDK development and implementation, hybrid III-V/Si circuit design, device physics and compact modeling, process development, and failure analysis.

Join us on 29-30 NOV 2024 at MicroLED Connect to hear the latest from innovative players in microLEDs and quantum dots from around the world. The speakers include VueReal, Toray Engineering, eLux, Lextar, GE Research, Mikro Mesa, Q-Pixel, Delo, Mojo, Yole and many others

Explore the full agenda here

MicroLED Connect is a joint offering by TechBlick and MicroLED-Info, offering the first-ever MicroLED focused series of onsite and online conferences and exhibition.


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