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Ultrasafe Printed Batteries for Smart Electronics | Imprint/CCL

Ehsan Faegh

Company: CCL Industries, Imprint Energy

The rapid growth of smart electronics and internet-connected devices has spurred the demand for compact, flexible and energy-efficient power sources. Printed batteries have emerged as highly promising alternatives to traditional bulky batteries, such as AA or AAA, offering a distinctive solution by seamlessly integrating energy storage directly into electronic components and systems.

In recent years, lithium-ion batteries have dominated the market, however, the lithium-based batteries face several challenges, including lammability, toxicity and disposability concerns, and regulatory challenges related to shipping. Given the importance of safety in smart electronics applications, the adoption of environmentally friendly battery chemistries becomes paramount.

Imprint Energy has pioneered an ultrathin and flexible Zinc battery technology designed to meet the demanding power requirements of cellular applications across a wide range of operating temperatures, from -35°C to 60°C. Our innovative battery solution boasts a remarkable peak power of >1500 mW in a small form-factor.

Compared to lithium chemistries, Imprint Energy batteries excel in multiple performance aspects. A significant advantage of Imprint Energy zinc batteries is their non-hazardous classification, eliminating transport and operational limitations associated with hazardous goods like batteries containing lithium. This makes Zinc batteries particularly appealing for powering smart shipping labels, where safe and unrestricted transportation is essential.

Imprint Energy employs a cutting-edge manufacturing process utilizing screen and stencil printing technologies. The high-throughput sheet and roll-to-roll process ensures efficient and scalable production, enabling widespread adoption.

Herein, we present emerging applications where printed batteries can revolutionize smart electronics. These applications span across wearable devices, Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, flexible displays, electronic textiles, and medical devices and patches. We discuss the advantages offered by printed batteries produced at Imprint Energy in terms of safety, size, shape, weight, flexibility and seamless integration, which enable the development of innovative and user-friendly smart electronic products.



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