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Wearable Devices for Sweat and Hydration Monitoring | Epicore

With the growing incidence of record high temperatures, extended heat waves and extreme weather events, it is increasingly important for physically active people to take steps to avoid heat-related complications and optimise performance under hot conditions. Maintaining proper hydration is a key part of this process. However, both the rate and salt content of sweat can vary significantly by person, actvity type and intensity, and weather conditions among other factors. Thus there is a need for personalised monitoring devices tailored to the individual and the type of activity.

For athletes, workout routines typically have pre-defined intensities and durations with known weather conditions. Capturing sweat profile snapshots under a variety of conditions enables predictions of hydration needs for future workouts, with an accuracy depending on the number and variety of snapshots. A single-use wearable of the type presented in this talk provides an efficient and cost- effective way to capture these snapshots. Some of the unique design and manufacturing challenges involved in bringing such devices to market will be discussed.

For industrial workers, physical activity can extend over longer durations, be highly variable in intensity, and occur multiple times during a single day under variable weather conditions. Moreover, overheating impairs both physical strength and mental acuity, raising the likelihood of workplace injuries. Such workers benefit from a continuous monitoring device that provides instantaneous feedback and can be worn on a daily basis. Various aspects of the design of such a platform and how it differs from the single- use device will be presented.



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