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ZSK has released its innovation for the production of E-Textiles: the ZSK PCB-Placement Device!

The PCBs are automatically placed on your fabric by the high-accuracy robotic feeder. The boards are stacked and stored in a magazine which can be automatically integrated into your E-Textile by a ZSK embroidery machine. The circuit boards are then fixed to the fabric by thread and needle. After the fixation of the PCB, the electrical connection can be embroidered by a conductive thread automatically. This way electrical connections between different PCBs can be embroidered in a fully automatic and highly scalable fashion. The embroidery machine can complete electrical circuitries including PCBs, sensors, actors, and tracks. Your E-Textiles can be completed automatically! By using the PCB Placement Devices with a multi-head embroidery machine, upscaling and mass-production of E-Textiles is easy. The PCB- Placement Device has been developed in cooperation with Robert Bosch GmbH, Germany. The PCBs can be individually designed and produced by BOSCH to suit your custom project needs.

For further information please contact Ms. Melanie Hoerr, ZSK Technical Embroidery Systems, Manager of Technical Embroidery Applications, Smart & E-Textiles


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