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Advanced Screen-Printing: A Study to Entirely Manufacture a Medical Sensor by Screen-Printing

Speaker: Marco Galiazzo | Company: TNO at Holst Centre | Date: Applied Materials | Full Presentation

Developments in electronics and sensors have demonstrated the ability to manufacture wearable devices to remotely monitor human health in real-time at reasonable cost. A wide variety of smart sensors are now available, both on rigid and flexibRecentle substrates, to monitor the health and well-being of patients suffering from chronic illnesses. We’ve used our advanced screen-printing capabilities to manufacture medical devices: in particular, we studied and developed the realization of medical sensors entirely by screen printing. Thanks also to the constant improvements of the screen-printing ecosystem (paste, screen, equipment), enabling high processing yields and throughput, manufacturing of such devices by screen printing technology was proven to be a cost-efficient solution, compared to conventional microfabrication techniques, for mass manufacturing of healthcare devices.

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