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By The Industry For The Industry

TechBlick is launching a series of on-demand masterclasses on emerging technologies. These masterclasses are by industry experts for the industry. The lecturers are handpicked experts in their domain, bringing years of real-world experience in production, application development, and product development. These classes blend theory with practice, covering not only the basics of the field but also offering practical advice, real-world demonstrations, and application insights. They are truly unique learning opportunities not found elsewhere.

With an Annual Pass, for 12 months, you can join all our upcoming LIVE(online) conferences, watch all past conferences on-demand, and enjoy our ever-expanding portfolio of on-demand masterclasses. This is a tremendous opportunity for year-around learning, training, and networking.

The masterclasses series cover a diverse set of topics. The current topics include Graphene and 2D Materials, Quantum Dots, Perovskite Photovoltaics, Conductive Inks and Pastes. Solid-State Lighting, MicroLEDs, Color Reflective Displays, QLEDs, R2R Printing, 3D Printed Electronics, Electronic Skin Patches, Electronic Textiles, Organic Semiconductor Materials, Aerosol Printing, Electrohydrodynamic Printing, Screen Printing, and many more.

These classes are by the industry and for the industry. The presenters are from ST Micro, Kodak, Applied Materials, Asada Mesh, InnovationLab GmbH, DuPont Teijin Films, ACI Materials, Yole, Smartkem, Liquid Light, Arkema (Piezotech), META and many more.

Masterclass Schedule

In addition to the masterclasses, you can join all our LIVE online conferences for 12 months and watch all the content from our past events on-demand. You can explore our past talks here or below.


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