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What to Expect at Our Upcoming LIVE Event

In this article, we outline what you can expect in our upcoming LIVE (online) events. We introduce the event platform and describe the attendee-to-exhibitor as well as the attendee-to-attendee networking opportunities. We also include the upcoming talks and speakers. TechBlick is a year-round event series with over 350+ analyst selected live online presentations and 10+ masterclasses. With a single Annual Pass, members have access to its portal where they can join the LIVE monthly conferences, meet with sponsors live, network with fellow attendees and participate in speed networking, and watch past on-demand content from our library.

Interactive Community-Centric Events Platform

Click on the above link to watch a video explaining the features of the event platform. This is community centric platform. You can find and message all the other attendees. If you were attending a physical event, this would be the equivalent of being able to network with all the attendees! You can also share content on the Social Well, giving information about your latest innovations and/or commercial achievement, or asking the community for help or comments. You can also engage with other posts. Each attendee therefore has a voice in the community. You can browse on the Schedule to participate in any LIVE presentation. In the Q&A session, you can post your questions or engage with the other members of the community participating in the same talk. You can jump into any track and also effortlessly move between tracks. So no more running between rooms to catch parallel talks. If you miss a talk, don’t worry as you can watch it later on-demand in the same platform. Meet the exibitors LIVE via video calls

You can meet the exhibitors LIVE and via video. Simply browse to their exhibitor page and click on the video link. If the exhibitor accepts your call, you will enter a 30-min video conversation. It is as simple as that so don’t be shy. Think of it as stopping by or stumbling across a booth to learn more, to satisfy your curiosity, or just to say hello to an old friend or partner. The conversations are totally private.

Video-Based Round-Robin Speed Networking

During our networking hours, all participants can enter our video-based speed-networking room.

Here you will be matched at random with other participants. You will have 4 minutes of video conversation to introduce yourselves. If the conversation is going well, you can twice extend this period by two additional minutes.

What is more is that after the networking session you will receive an email summarising whom you met so you can keep your contacts and keen in touch!

Meet Our Speakers and Exhibitors During our LIVE events

And Many More...

Best-in-Class LIVE (online) presentation

You can participate in the LIVE presentations. You can see a selection of our speakers below. Almost all presentations will be LIVE. Only a handful might be pre-recorded due to time zone differences.

In each talk you can type in your questions in the Q&A chat session and our moderators will read out your questions to the speaker. You can also reach out to the speaker and to other members participating in the live talks.

We look forward to showing you the platform, explaining more about the all-year-around concept and the community, and answers any questions that you might have. You are welcome to schedule a call with us.

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Our upcoming LIVE (online) conferences and exhibitions include:

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