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Wearable Sensors, E-Textiles, Skin Patches, and Remote Sensors for Continuous Vital Signs Monitoring

Conference Agenda | 13-14 October 2021

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"In-Person Virtual" Exhibition & Networking


Leading Global Speakers Include:


TechBlick’s fifth event in 2021 on 13-14 October will cover three overlapping themes: (1) Wearable Sensors & Continuous Vital Signs Monitoring, (2) Electronic Textiles & Skin Patches, and (3) Printed Sensors & Actuators.

Handpicked leading companies will present the latest developments in wearable as well as remote sensing technologies for continuous measurement and modulation of body parameters including glucose, heart rate, blood pressure, sweat, brain and beyond. We cover invasive as well as non- invasive approaches. Furthermore, we cover electronic skin patches, e-textiles, brain-computer interfaces as well as remote non-contact camera-, radar-, or voice-based technologies. We bring together all aspects from end user perspectives to mass production progress to enabling materials and components, and finally, to the latest research breakthroughs.


The main themes of the event are:

Wearable Sensors, Smart Skin Patches, Printed Electronics. Remote Sensors, E-Textiles, Stretchable Electronics, and Fitness/Healthcare Monitoring

SUB TOPICS: Wearables Sensors. Electronic Skin Patches. Stretchable Electronics. Printed Electronics. E-Textiles. Brain Computer Interfaces. Neuron Monitoring and Modulation. Invasive and Non-Invasive Continuous Glucose Monitoring. Implantables. Camera + AI. Voice as a Biomarker. Ultrasound. mmWave Radar + AI. Textile Computing. Smart Fabrics. Embroidered Electronics. Soft Circuits. Functional Fabrics. Conductive Inks. PCB on Textile. Textile-Based Object Recognition AI. Internet of Connected Fabrics. Muscle and Brain Simulation.


TechBlick is a year-round event series with over 350+ Analyst picked live online presentations on emerging technologies. With a single Annual Pass you have 12 month access to our platform where you can join our live "in-person virtual" conferences, watch over 200 (and growing) on-demand presentations from past events, and engage with our ever-expanding portfolio of industry-led masterclasses.



How Do "In-Person Virtual" Events Work?

Our events are LIVE and online, but are truly interactive. See the 3-min demo video to see how an in-person virtual LIVE exhibition and networking works. You will also find our participant testimonials below too.

Hear what our members say about TechBlick events

"The TechBlick event on Printed Electronics has been a true success. One of the best virtual events - that I have ever attended. Great talks and networking opportunities."


"I loved the Techblick online experience. It was really immersive and compared to other digital events it had a real trade show feel."


"The on-line netwoking/exhibition session was very similar to off-line netwokring/exibition.."

LG Electronics

"Khasha and his team have developed a wonderful "borderless" platform for exploring emerging technologies. Already looking forward to the next virtual conference"

Panasonic Electronic Materials

"I have enjoyed theTechBlick event. Even though I can't always listen live due to the time difference, I can join later, which is very useful for me."

Fujikura Kasei

"The networking session last week was very interesting! The virtual venue made me feel like having real conversation, it accelerated interactive communication with people. I really hope to join again next time"

JX Nippon Mining & Metals Corporation

"I am really impressed with what you put together. The breakout room works really well, almost better than in real world."

IP Group

"The event was awesome! TechBlick is a great platform."

Applied Materials

"Great work and the networking is awesome!"



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