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Ynvisible's Segment Display Kit is now available in the market

Electrochromic displays are a rapidly emerging technology in the field of visual interfaces owing to their design versatility and cost-effective production. The technology is ideal for use in smart labels, consumer electronics, logistics monitoring, medical devices, smart cards, retail, and point of service applications

"The Ynvisible Segment Display is an electrochromic display. It is categorized as a reflective display - meaning that it reflects ambient light instead of using a backlight. All layers are screen-printed on a plastic substrate. The display stack consists of organic layers including a plastic substrate, an electrochromic material, an electrolyte, and an electrode for each segment. Additional layers such as graphical overlays and circuits may be added if required."

"Evaluate the ultra-low-power, thin, and flexible Segment Displays. Each kit contains different display designs and includes a manual display driver as well as a display driver with an I2C interface.

"Electronics engineers and enthusiasts alike can now buy Ynvisible displays in several online marketplaces, improving market accessibility to electrochromic display technology."


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