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Company Tours

16 October 2023

Berlin, Germany

Guided Company Tours

We are finalising the company tours and these will be announced shortly.  These tours will take place on Monday afternoon, after the masterclasses.  They will be offered  to masterclass attendees  first.  There is no charge but places are limited and you need to reserve your place. Please email to reserve your place on the tour.

Berlin is an ecosystem of a number of high tech companies and home to over 12,000 innovators, researchers and engineers creating the technologies for the businesses of tomorrow.


It is also a one of the major European hub for the development and industrialization of printed, flexible, textile, wearable and R2R electronics. It is home to a series of world-famous and leading-edge research institutes and companies in this field. 

Being there physically in-person is about networking with others and seeing technologies in action. This is why we will organise tours at selected sites in Berlin showcasing in real life the following technologies:

  • Screen printing

  • Pick-and-place 

  • Photosintering and Other Curing Methods

  • R2R Printing

  • LIFT

  • 3D Printing of Biomaterials and Food

  • Thin Film Transistor Production 

  • Thin Film Encapsulation Production

  • Ink Formulations

  • Flexible Solar Cells Production (R2R)

Tour 1: TBC
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